Lola Donoghue

Psssst… I stocked some nice really new finds in my shop , and greatly is offering worldwide free shipping until tuesday!  ( it ends on December 2nd at midnight EST ). 

You can now find a collection of brandnew large scale prints of abstract paintings by Lola Donoghue, a painter from Ireland who offers her huge prints at very reasonable prices. It's a great solution if you would love to own an abstract painting but an original is a little (or a lot…) above your budget, I think. My favourites are the big one you see above called OUT OF HER LOOP VII and two you can see on the snapshot from her studio, APERATURE OF DISTINCTION II and IV.


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Oh istanbul! |

Finally - Istanbul! Last weekend I escaped to Istanbul to meet a dear friend who lives in Turkey now after we lived in the same town in Eastern Europe for a couple of years. Both of our lives have changed quite a bit since then and strolling through the streets of Istanbul for hours and hours gave us enough time to catch up, get lost, admire both its traditional architecture and its new identity as a design hub and take occasional breaks at one of Istanbul's many cool and cozy cafés. This city has definitely made it to the list of my favourite places and two days were just enough to get a taste of it. 

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Beginning are the best.


Like the beginning of fall, when the leaves are slowly changing their colors and vibrant red suddenly appears next to good old green. 

Unlike most people I also like the beginning of each new week. Yes, I like mondays! I usually start my mondays in a good mood, convinced that I will be able to tick off everything that's on my to-do list for the week. Of course that never happens. But hope dies last!


I hope you all had a terrrriffic monday! 


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color combo range and indigo |


It has been a warm and sunny week in Berlin and even though I didn't have much time to enjoy it I'm sure that it made my stressful week a lot easier. 


And those flowers I got at the market last weekend brought late summer colors to my home, too. Orange and indigo. Not such a bad combination, don't you think?


Have a wonderful weekend!




Summer is almost over - time to enjoy the last warm and sunny weekends. Perfect days in the city. 

We had coffee at a small organic food market around the corner from our house on saturday morning with two friends from India who stayed with us for a couple of days, listening to street musicians and watching kids run around and play. One of our friends said: "This is the kind of life we know only from the movies." And she's right, it's kind of unreal, and a lot more carefree and easy than most people's lifes in this world. A good reminder of how incredibly lucky we are. 


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mina moka | the shop


"Welcome! Step in! Can I help you? Are you looking for something specific?"


Most of you have probably heard of by now. It's a new online platform where so called "tastemakers" - mostly bloggers - curate their own online boutiques and fill them up with products by makers from all around the world. Just like in a real shop a certain percentage of every sale goes to the shopowner (which would be me and and most of it  - of course - to the maker!


My boutique has been online for a while already but it took me a little longer to make it feel complete (for now - of course I'll be adding new products step by step because new makers are joining every day). 


I decided to group colors and patterns in my shop, just like I like to group colors, shapes and pattern in collages here on the blog, too. I'd love to do the same in a real shop, actually. A different color palette in every corner, or maybe in every room...? Okay, stop dreaming, let's start with the virtual version of a color combo shop!


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Hvar, Croatia on


Three weeks ago we left Berlin in our car on a hot and sunny weekend and drove 1500 kilometers south to Croatia, took a ferry to the beautiful island of Hvar, put up our tent, tired from the long drive and a night in the car, when it started raining like crazy. Our tent was almost blown away by a storm during the night and when we crawled out of it the next morning our campsite neighbours told us that this was the worst summer ever on Hvar. Rain, storm and unusually low temperatures. At the same time Berlin experienced one of the warmest summers ever. I felt like packing and driving back home but the thought of another 20 hours in the car stopped me from it. Which was good because we had a wonderful time on Hvar, despite some rain and lower temperatures than we expected, but still loads of sun and beach weather. Turquoise water, Hvar's amazing landscape, beautiful little towns, fresh fish and having my three VIPs with me 24/7. Pretty close to perfect.




at the apartment with sitzfeldt | via


Two weeks ago a bunch of design- and lifestyle bloggers from Berlin came together one evening to discuss "authentic styling", enjoy some delicious food (cooked by one of our hosts from Sitzfeldt) and simply spend a good time in a relaxed atmosphere together at a really unique place in town: The Apartment is partly a private apartment, partly a place you can rent for events and photo shootings.


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Hello July! Bring back the color, please!




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Sun, a beautiful garden and a cup of coffee. What else do you need on a hot weekend like the one we just had? ( A lake to take a swim, okay.)


During the summer season my father opens the doors to his workshop's garden to the public once a month and everyone is welcome to enjoy his little oasis in the middle of the city, listen to music, see an exhibition or watch someone perform, depending on the program of the day. The "Open Garden" events are celebrating their 10th birthday this year. Time flies by so fast...


If you happen to live in Berlin or plan a trip - feel free to drop by. You won't regret it.


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color combo #4 |


Two images, one color palette. 

Number 4, May 2014


image sources: parc and cube | fluxi on tour



detail |


Slowly slowly we're settling in our new place. Here are some of the things I like most about it right now.


Little details here and there, the view from our cosy balcony, the morning sun on our kitchen table. 


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marbled |


Yes, I have been infected by that marble virus too, I admit it. I had been looking for marble beads for a while and couldn't find any I liked. In the end making them myself by mixing black and white polymer clay was much easier than I expected.  


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