The empty frames I got an the flea market have been waiting to be filled for quite a while now, but I didn´t really have a photo or painting that I liked and that would fit. But then I found this beautiful, simple wrapping paper with graphical prints from nineteenseventythree.

And I decided to buy the one I liked most and to put it in a frame and see if it goes well with the other framed pictures for my gallery wall (which are mostly photographs or not so colorful illustrations).

In one of the frames there was even a passepartout hidden inside which I used rightaway. 

Tadaa! I really like the result, it looks much better than I thought it would. I was even tempted to put just this one single picture on the wall instead of displaying all of them. 



And I still think it´s nice like that.


Still - I´ve been planning this gallery wall for a while now, so I really wanted to give ot a try. I can still change it if I get sick of it.


I still have some smaller pictures for the wall and I´m sure it will not stay like this forever, but I´m happy with it for now! 

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