For the past two years we lived close to  the mediterranean sea. When we moved back to Berlin I wanted a poster that would bring some mediterranean flair to our kitchen. I had one of these old fashioned fish classification - posters in mind that -  I thought  - I had had seen many times before. But when I searched for it online I couldn´t find the one I had in mind.

Then I stumbled over this print by Wolfgang Philippi at a DIY fair in Berlin. It wasn´t what I was looking for initially but I liked it right away because it is very detailed but also humorous (there are some funny comments about some fish on it, in german, though...) Philippi has designed 7 posters, one for every ocean. I picked the Mediterranean, naturally. Because our sons are into fish (both dead and alive) it found its place where the boys like to prepare their delicious meals.


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