Yesterday we had dinner with friends at their house. They did not only prepare delicious Indonesian food for us but showed me also how to fold an origami paper crane.

As you can see it cost me some effort and it did not come out perfect (look at the head! horrible...) - but it reminded me of these beautiful origami lampshades by studio snowpuppe on etsy. I found them a while ago in a store around the corner from my house. Every time I´m passing by that store I´m admiring the lampshades and having an inner debate with myself if it makes sense to spend the money on one of them even though I have a few spare lampshades anyways... The debate is not over yet.

After finding that lamp in the store I investigated a bit about origami lampshade tutorials. Have a look here and here and here!

I haven´t tried them yet and don´t know if I will - I think it needs a lot of patience, I think a little more than I might have, but hey, who knows? Maybe some of you out there will go for it! If some of you have already tried to make an origami lampshade - even better! Tell me about it, show it to me and let me know if it is as hard as it looks...

I think I´ll eventually go for one of the studio snowpuppe lampshades - not only because of my lazyness but because I think they are very stylish, simple and elegant and because they come with a nice porcelain socket and textile cord.


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    Kathryn Cumming (Tuesday, 16 October 2012 07:12)

    I love these lampshades too! I would love to try and make one, but I feel like I just wouldn't be satisfied with the results...

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog :)

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    minamoka (Tuesday, 16 October 2012 10:04)

    Hi Kathryn, I agree! That´s my feeling, too - especially knowing what they can look like if someone really knows how to do it!




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