On our "final goodbye"- trip last week to Montengro (where we have lived for more than two years until 2 months ago) I made a surprising discovery. Montenegro is not really the place where I expect to find the one and only flagship store of a new and cool brand from Berlin - but now I did: the noé and zoë berlin flagship store. I have to admit: It wasn´t really Montenegro where I found it. I mean, it was in Montenegro, but in Porto Montengro which is something like a Disneyland for rich people who come to Montenegro with their yachts and need a place where they don´t encounter poverty, dirt and people who don´t speak english. (Sorry. Couldn´t help it.)

BUT: The Berlin based designer duo Nici Zinell & Nadine Richter designs unique clothes for children and there´s something about it ... I think their collection is very playful, inspired by theatrical elements and dress up ideas. Looks like something children would like, too, not just their parents. The brand launched their first collection in 2011, but they can already be found in boutiques all over the world. And online, of yourse. For their winter collection they are collaborating with tannhauser for cashmere clothes and winter boots. And again, those envious moms get their piece of the cake as well...

I hope they´ll stay around!

note: both tannhäuser and noé and zoë berlin are part of a "little pop up" store in Berlin right now! 

All photos via noé and zoë berlin

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