Thank you, fall! This weekend was probably one of the warmest and sunniest mid/end-october weekends Berlin has ever seen. 

It felt so good to see all those happy smiling faces everywhere and to sit outside in the café without having to wear a jacket. I reloaded my batteries by...


... Going to the flea market. On saturday. And on sunday: Again! There are so many! There were some nice little things I didn´t know I needed until they found me and asked me to take them home with me. (Vintage hunters: You know what I´m talking about.) I couldn´t resist!

... Taking pictures with the boys in my favorite little old fashioned photobooth. There are a couple of those in the city - if you´re from Berlin you probably know. You can also rent them and find out about the story behind them here. (They have them in other cities and countries now, too, as I just found out)

... Reading the wonderful book "Just Kids" by Patti Smith about the story of her friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe. I got it two years ago as a christmas present and finally picked it up now after I had read a very interesting interview with Patti Smith a few weeks ago. And I´m so glad I did. It was the right book at the right time for me. Very encouraging, surprising and inspiring. If you haven´t read it yet, you must now!


And finally:

Working on a moodboard for this little playground of mine. A homework assignment of the byw course I am taking right now. I´ll dedicate another post to the final result!

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    jaclyn (Friday, 26 October 2012 12:30)

    Here from BYW and so glad I found your blog, great photos and a great energy in your writing, can't wait to come back and visit again soon!

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    Eva (Saturday, 27 October 2012 10:14)

    Just found you via BYW. Cool stuff you are showing here!!

    Außerdem Danke für den Photoautomaten Link! Schön dass es die noch gibt :)

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    meplusmolly (Saturday, 27 October 2012 16:57)

    Hi! dropped by from BYW class. Well it is very windy and cold this weekend in the UK, winter is definitely on it's way! It's funny the books we stumble upon already in our possession at the 'right time' for us :)

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    minamoka (Saturday, 27 October 2012 20:29)

    @jaclyn: I´m flattered, love your blog, too!
    @ Eva: Die automaten sind super, oder? Und das beste: Durch die s/w Kontraste sieht man immer gut aus auf den Bildern!
    @meplusmolly: Thanks for dropping by! It´s cold and windy here now, too...




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