As I promised: The final MINA MOKA moodboard  - an assignment for the blogging ecourse I am taking right now to dive a little deaper into the world of blogging. 

I have always liked moodboards. Looking at moodboards, I mean. But I never made one myself. What you see here was actually my second attempt. For the first one I laid out and arranged all kinds of things on a white sheet of paper - pictures, jewellery, things I made and things I like. But it didn´t really feel right when I looked at it. It wasn´t me. Nor was it MINA MOKA as it is now or MINA MOKA as I want it to be. 

So I stepped back, didn´t touch it for two days - and finally decided to start all over again. I looked for pictures that symbolized the mood and energy that made me start this blog. I came up with a different idea of displaying them, something more playful and experimental. I didn´t focus as much on colors or graphic elements as I had planned to. It´s really more about a feeling, mood, vibe, whatever you want to call it. It´s about the energy and joy of a new beginning, a new stage in life. In Hermann Hesse´s words: "Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne" - "In all beginnings dwells a magic force"...

Pssst: If you would like to see my e-classmates´ moodboards for their blogs visit the byw flickr pool or the bywbootcamp pinterest board. All moodboards should be pinned there soon...

And if you´re looking for some moodboard inspiration by a real pro have a look at graphic designer Breanna Rose´s blog where she shares some of her (digital) moodboards for her clients.

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    Karina (Saturday, 27 October 2012 23:49)

    The pug and string idea is totally lovely. It feels really playful. Yet the images also show the movement and dynamic. Great board!

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    Eva (Sunday, 28 October 2012 15:54)

    Liebe Lena,
    du bist aber auch nicht faul gewesen :) Dein Moodboard gefällt mir richtig gut mit den Schnüren und den Klammern!! Mal schaun, ob ich dann nachher auch noch weiter fleißig sein werde ;) Meins muss ich nämlich noch hochladen... Und ich werd auch bei dir wieder vorbei schauen!
    LG Eva

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    Kathryn Cumming (Wednesday, 31 October 2012 03:21)

    Such a great way to display your mood board... I love it!




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