When I started MINA MOKA I didn´t really know where I was going with it or if I would get bored after 3 blogposts. I just wanted to play around a little bit and challenge myself. I didn´t stop after 3 blogposts and I don´t feel like stopping soon. I even took that blogging ecourse I already mentioned a couple of times to learn a little more about it. There we were asked to use as many social media platforms as possible for our blog. Being a good student I followed the instructions and went on a completely new journey. I opened a twitter account. I made a facebook page for MINA MOKA. And I openend MINA MOKA`s own pinterest account. Looks like I´m really out there now! 

So... you´re very welcome now to like my facebook page or follow me on bloglovin or your feedreader. See the nice buttons up there on the left?

That way I´ll also feel bound to keep blogging and won´t give up so fast I hope!

And then there is something else I want to share with you: Both Karina from a kreative life and Eva from food vegetarisch nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award for up and coming but still small bloggers this weekend.  

Thank you so much, Eva and Karina! I´m still surprised that people actually notice what I am doing here.


To qualify I have to:

Post 11 random things about myself.

Answer the 11 (in my case: 22. Puh!)questions Karina and Eva asked of me Nominate 11 more up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers, notify them and link them to my post.

Create 11 new questions for these bloggers to answer.

Tag backs are not allowed.


Of course it is nice and flattering that it is called "award", but more than anything it is a nice chance to get small blogs a little more attention, to connect and to let your readers find out a little more about yourself. 


Okay, so let´s get started. Because I was nominated two times I´ll have to anwer 22 questions. I decided to post 11 random things about myself and not 22. I think you´re going to read more things about me than you want to know anyways, so I think that´s enough. I don´t blame you if you stop reading my answers at some point - but make sure you scroll down to list of my nominees!


Here we go with Eva´s questions first


Your favourite aphorism? Getretener Quark wird breit - nicht stark.

(Dirt that we tread isn´t hardened but spread) J.W. v. Goethe

Mountains or the sea for vacation? Sea Sea Sea!


Are you on the dancefloor or do you prefer to take a view of the dancefloor? On the dancefloor. I´m the first one, if it has to be.


Which invention you wish you had done? Actually I don´t wish I had done any invention. But if I have to choose: The letterpress. 


What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the last year? I don´t get to see many movies anymore (As a former film school student DVDs and TV don´t count for me), but luckily I went to see one yesterday - it was brilliant and I think you all have to go see it: Keep the Lights on by Ira Sachs.


What’s the last book you read? Just Kids by Patti Smith. I wrote about it here already. After you went to see the movie you must go and buy that book.


If you had the chance to go tomorrow for a 3-days-holiday-trip: where would you go to? Lisboa.


Sweet or savoury for breakfast? Savoury. 


If you would be an animal, which one you would like to be? I don´t want to be any animal, I don´t really like animals. Maybe a cat, if I have to choose. 


What was your favourite dish as a child? Mashed potatoes and spinach. I think I liked the combination of the colors most.


What is your favourite dish now? Fresh grilled fish and grilled vegetables. Sitting on a terrace overlooking the sea.



And now Karina´s Questions:


What is your greatest strength? Tough as a first question. Maybe that I´m usually pretty optimistic? Does that qualify as a strenth?


What was a moment/event that changed the course of your life? I hate to be cheesy, but: The moment I met my future husband and father of my children, I guess...


If someone was to give you one gift, money is no object, what would you want to receive? A great piece of art. (Or a nice little house by the sea!)


What dish are you renowned for cooking? None, I have to confess.


What was your favourite subject at school? Art and German.


Your ultimate career would be? That would be having more than one career: Writing screenplays, publishing my own magazine and opening a place where I sell beautiful things, delicious waffles and the best cappuccino in town.


Do your personality traits and interests make you feel as though you should have been born in another era, and why? No. I´m pretty happy now.


Your favourite colour? Red.


What is the most courageous thing you have ever done? Travelling from Vienna to Sofia to conquer the love of my life. 


Your perfect holiday: relax or explore? Both. Really.


What makes you laugh? My sons playing rockband


Sorry, we´re not finished yet. 11 random facts about me:


. I´m a terrible housewife. 

. Italian is my favorite language.

. I can get very angry when people like bad movies.

. Some people don´t like to talk to me about movies.

. I´m always mixing up left and right.

. Both of my sons were born in my living room.

. I´m bad with names but good with faces. 

. I can even get lost in my own street.

. I married my early childhood friend.

. I´m a little afraid of numbers.

. I can´t sing.


And these are my 11 nominees - tadaaaa!

(some of them might have more than 200 followers, but that´s hard to find out exactly...)


nordic rose

diary of an interior novice

cumming and co.

akkie bosje

velvet lamb

tina and design



eclectic trends

oui non maybe

little big bell


.... and my questions for them:


. If you could pick any city in the world to live in for one year - which one   would that be?

. Coffee or tea?

. Which sense is more important to you: sight or hearing?

. What is your most annoying habit?

. Pick a movie: Fiction or documentary?

. What was your favorite book as a child?

. What is your favorite book today?

. How many close friends do you have?

. Do you like questionnaires?

. You have won one million (Dollars, Euros, whatever...) in the lottery- and       now?

. How are you today?


I´m curious to find out my nominee´s answers. To my nominees: If some of you don´t feel comfortable with doing a blogpost with your answers and questions because it doesn´t go with the style of your blog - no problem. I had to give it a thought or two, too. 


So long!








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Comments: 10
  • #1

    Heidi Dudley (Wednesday, 07 November 2012 03:17)

    Thank you for the nomination! I will ponder these questions. I enjoyed reading your answers, it was kinda funny how many of them I would have had the same or similar answers. One of the reasons that I find blogging so cool - meeting people that you have lots in common with. Thank you again! xo

  • #2

    minamoka (Wednesday, 07 November 2012 10:23)

    You´re so right! In the end that´s what this award thing is about - finding like-minded bloggers you wouldn´t have found out about otherwise. Looking forward to your answers and questions!

  • #3

    Doris (Wednesday, 07 November 2012 13:07)

    Thank You Lena for the nomination. It's a nice idea and we should all support each other. You can find my answers here...

    Many Thanks Doris

  • #4

    Eva (Wednesday, 07 November 2012 17:32)

    Da warst du aber fleißig, Lena!! Und ich hab mich grad sehr gefreut, so ein wenig mehr über dich zu erfahren. Vor allem bin ich von deinem Lieblingszitat begeistert :)
    LG Eva

  • #5

    Heidi (Wednesday, 07 November 2012 22:09)

    Finished...You can check out my answers here:
    Thanks again!

  • #6

    Trinske Driscoll-Antonides (Wednesday, 07 November 2012 23:24)

    Thank you for nominating my blog - I feel so honoured as I'm such a newbee! I enjoyed reading your post and will do my post in the next day or so. I think it's fun reading your Q&A's and will have fun giving my own answers too. Above all, it is such a great initiative to help support the small (but beautiful!) blogs.
    Thank you again!
    Trinske x

  • #7

    Gudy Herder (Thursday, 08 November 2012 10:50)

    Lena, that's a very nice surprise! Thank you so much. I will work on that homework this weekend and share the love. Personal awards are so much nicer than official ones, right? xx Gudy

  • #8

    Trinske Driscoll-Antonides (Saturday, 10 November 2012 23:59)

    Hi Lena, Thanks again for nominating me! Here are my answers:
    Very best wishes,
    Trinske x

  • #9

    geraldine (Wednesday, 21 November 2012 23:26)

    Hi Lena, sorry for the delay. I have managed to answer some of the questions. Thanks again for the nomination.

  • #10

    minamoka (Wednesday, 21 November 2012 23:36)

    Geraldine, don´t be sorry! There was no hurry, I'll hop over now to read your answers! See you aver there in a minute!




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