Last month I enrolled in Anne Ditmeyer's course Map Design: Learn to Communicate Places Beautifully on skillshare.

I'll be honest with you: I was not the best student. Neither did I finish my project nor did I spend enough time in the virtual classroom. But even the little amount of time I did spend there opened my eyes to the art of mapmaking. 

On the very last day of that online class I passed by my favourite local bookstore, saw this book on display, went straight inside, had one look at it and got the last copy they had. 

A Map Of The World - according to illustrators and storytellers published by Berlin-based Gestalten Verlag is an impressive collection of maps from all around the world. They couldn't be more diverse and each one of them is telling a different story, interpreting the places it shows in a unique and beautifully designed and illustrated way. 



Two of my favourites are the Hello Map by Hello Yellow Studio, showing the diversity of the world and its languages and dialects and the Film Map of LA, made up entirely of Hollywood film titles.



A Map of the World can be purchased directly at Gestalten among many many wonderful publications and objects from the world of design, architecture and art. 



I still haven't given up on my very own map project, featuring my favourite places in Berlin. This book is going to remind me of that plan every day now. Good!



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    Tina @Colourliving (Friday, 15 March 2013 18:17)

    Ha. I was also a student in Anne's class and defaulted in timing. To be honest, I knew I wouldn't have the time BUT/AND am so happy I enrolled. I loved all Anne's tips and resources and people's great ideas and will do my map one way or another.

    This book is definitely going to be in my library. And I LOVE Gestalten, such a great publisher.

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    Ana (Friday, 15 March 2013 22:30)

    Great book! I have to check it out, if I also can ordet it via Amazon. And why I didn't recognize it that we were classmates?

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    Gudy Herder (Saturday, 16 March 2013 23:41)

    Go, write/create that map! :-)

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    minamoka (Monday, 18 March 2013 10:49)

    @Tina: I think I saw you in class! I'm really determined to make that map, too. My goal was to have it done before the hive so people could use it then!
    @Ana: I'm sure you can order it via Amazon to the US - I just avoid Amazon whenever possible and try to support local stores or publishers directly, that's why I linked it directly to the Gestalten Site.
    @Gudy: I will!




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