Last week Chelsea Costa from Lovely Indeed started an instagram series called organized color. I really liked the idea and knew I wanted to play along! And here are my first two contributions: red and orange. 


Wanna join? Just look around you and grab whatever you can find in one color, arrange it and post your instagram pic tagged with #organizedcolor. 


I found it interesting to see which were the first colors I spotted - and which ones I'd have a hard time finding. Not much green and blue stuff around here, but lots of red, yellow, orange, earthy colors in all shades, and a little black, white and grey. 



I really enjoyed organizing my colors and it's a little addictive - I'm sure I'll be adding some more colors during the next days.

Follow my instagram feed here and Chelsea's (who has done a couple of really nice ones already) here or look out for the hashtag to find more.


So... Who's joining?


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  • #1

    hema (Friday, 22 March 2013 14:11)

    I would love to join!

  • #2

    hema (Friday, 22 March 2013 14:13)

    By the way have your done your homework? I skip the last one...I am bad in homework!

  • #3

    minamoka (Friday, 22 March 2013 14:39)

    I skipped it, too, ehem... And haven't started this week's, but still hoping to do it! Are you on instagram? Why am I not following you? And: Why are you not following me??? ;)

  • #4

    Hema (Friday, 22 March 2013)

    No.....I am not yet in Instagram..I have to do that too!

  • #5

    Judith (Saturday, 23 March 2013 00:52)

    I'm obsessed with color organizing. I do it in our living room (yellow) and cinema room (red) en tend to buy certain colored objects during a few months... I've had electric blue and pink :d (but don't have Instagram...)

  • #6

    Eva @FoodVegetarisch (Saturday, 23 March 2013 15:35)

    Oh, was für eine schöne Idee das ist! Mal schauen, bei welchen Farben ich hier in den nächsten Tagen fündig werde. Ist insoweit noch extra spannend, da ich grad nicht daheim in meinen eigenen vier Wänden bin :)

  • #7

    Laliv (Saturday, 23 March 2013 20:15)

    Would love to join! The colors look so vivid when they organized like that!

  • #8

    geraldine tan (Monday, 25 March 2013 20:26)

    love your organised collection. Will be keeping an eye on your instagram feed. Also, looking forward to seeing your red painted furniture. Have a great week Lena. xx

  • #9

    minamoka (Tuesday, 26 March 2013 09:37)

    The red painted furniture is really just a little children's table, nothing special... But I'll post it, probably next week!




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