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Sometimes we smell or taste something and it lets us travel back in time. For me that's the smell and taste of elderflowers. It reminds me of being at my grandmother's and the elderflower syrup she used to make. "Hollersaft."

Being at my grandmother's was always a little spooky for me as a child - me and my cousin were the only children in the family who were raised in the city. Our grandmother's big old farmhouse and the weird dialect she spoke scared us. Everything felt strange there and the time we spent with our grandmother was always a little awkward because we couldn't talk to her - we simply didn't understand her strong dialect. Not a word. So imagine two little city girls sitting at a table in the dark kitchen of an old farmhouse with an old peasant lady, silently sipping their elderflower juice.

I'm too lazy to make the real elderflower syrup... But yesterday I traveled back in time a little with that elderflower water.


elderflower water |


Is there a smell or taste that takes you back in time?


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    Judith (Monday, 17 June 2013 13:09)

    Oh yes there are so many! There is this Nesquick smell... the smell of the cacao drink yellow packaging (not the hot chocolat itself). It's one of the softest smells ever and reminds me of specific part of the village where I grew up. Or the taste of sparkling grenadine lemonade that my grandmother used to serve us. The bubbles always made my nose and eyes tickle :) I think I've never tasted elderflower juice ever. Do your kids like it?

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    minamoka (Monday, 17 June 2013 14:46)

    Lovely memories, Judith! My kids liked the water, but I will have to make the syrup for them one day... But first I wanted to try the adult version: aperol spritz with elderflower soda!

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    ilaria (Monday, 17 June 2013 17:21)

    elderflower juice ... I tasted in Copenaghen last year for the first time! It is delicious and the kids just asked over and over again! In French they call this impression "la madeleine de Proust" and I have so many madeleines in my memories I couldn't count them all on one hand! xx

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    minamoka (Tuesday, 18 June 2013 10:00)

    @Ilaria: What a wonderful expression... "la madeleine de Proust"! Will have to keep that in mind!

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    Mette (Wednesday, 19 June 2013 21:13)

    Hi Lena, what a cute scary story, I really adore your storytelling:-) And I just love the taste of the lemony elderflower cordial, though it's 2 years since I made it. The smell of cinnamon buns reminds me of my grand mother, that's the only pastry she could bake and she always made 2 dusins when we came to visit:-)Thanks for reminding me to take a trip down memory lane and have a beautiful evening Lena:-)

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    mel (Sunday, 23 June 2013 11:02)

    What a lovely story, you took me back there to that kitchen table with you! Mel

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    Gudy Herder (Monday, 01 July 2013)

    Ich komme gerade von Armoire, Pegs and Casserole. Diesen Post hier hab ich doch glatt verpasst. Er ist wirklich schön. Ich habe bei meinen Grosseltern alles möglich mit eingekocht und gepflückt aber Holunder nie... Ich habe visuelle Erinnerungen wenn ich Pflaumen sehe, muss ich an ihr Mus denken. Oder wenn ich Kirschen sehe, denke ich an meinen Grossvater auf der Leiter stehend im riesigen Kirchenbaum...

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    minamoka (Monday, 01 July 2013 10:04)

    Liebe Gudy, wie schön, dass du über Mel zu mir gekommen bist - ich hab mich total gefreut, mich dort in ihrer Liste zu finden!




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