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I know, it's been a while since my last DO IT! post and I'm happy to share a new edition with you today! This week's ingredients: pins, flea market finds, a tv show and one (to me) very special interior object.


For new readers: DO IT is a column where I transform a pin from my ideas board on pinterest into reality. Find two previous examples here and here. I try not to copy it exactly, but to use it as a starting point - and I try to work with things I already have instead of buying more. The motto: Stop pinning, start doing! Today: Stop pinning, start drinking! (Or at least mixing...)

I've been pinning several images of "mini home bars", like this or this one. But I also have to give credit to my serious addiction to Mad Men. I don't think you can watch that show without starting to believe that a home needs a bar - even though I don't mix myself several drinks a day like Don Draper does...


DO IT: mini home bar |


When I found the three little glasses with handpainted black and gold ornaments at the flea market I decided it was time to give them and their friends a proper home. And that home had already been in my house, but I think it was the black color on the glasses that pointed me to it: My black Milu tray.

The tray has a very special meaning to me because my dad designed it seven years ago when I was pregnant with my first son. He made the first prototype version of it around the time when my son - my dad's first grandchild - was born and he gave his latest design object my son's nickname: Milu. It became one of his best-sellers in the following years, there are lots of little Milus in many people's homes now. I really like the elegant retro look of it  - perfect for a little bar, don't you think?


DO IT: mini home bar |
DO IT: mini home bar |
DO IT: mini home bar |
origrami printed instagram photo |


What's still missing is a bigger choice of liquors to actually mix some drinks! Like I said, I like the look of a mini bar but I'm usually more of a boring wine and beer drinker. Maybe you can help me: What are the essentials of a mini bar at home? But only nice bottles for my bar, please!


DO IT: mini home bar |

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    Deepa (Tuesday, 02 July 2013 20:02)

    I just started Mad Men season 6 last night, so your timing is perfect! We store all our liquor under the kitchen counter, how unglamorous. I don't have the space for a bar cart at home, but now I think I need to find a bar tray :D

  • #2

    minamoka (Tuesday, 02 July 2013 20:07)

    Lucky you - I just watched the last show of the season this week. Boohooo! A bar like that doesn't need much space, I'm sure you'll find a spot for it - happy I (and Don...) inspired you!

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    Anni (Tuesday, 02 July 2013 21:42)

    Oh Lena, what a wonderful column! I love your bar and every home should have one, yes!
    How about some Gin, maybe Monkey 47, which comes from the Black Forest (!) and I always find important a bottle of Noilly Prat which is a delicacy in the true Martini or a wonderful aperitivo as it is with an olive, maybe. And not to forget a good bottle of Single Malt Whiskey if you like it. Or, for the sweeter tooth some Brandy like Veterano? I also very much like a nice and gentle Williams Gold after dinner. And you already got the Aperol and Pastis, so that should be a good start to all kinds of drinks, pure and mixed. Hope you enjoy!***

  • #4

    Anni (Tuesday, 02 July 2013 21:44)

    Oh, and how beautiful is that tray and its story! I love the work of your Dad, especially the tray in black and in gold. and the chairs, and how lovely are the summer eveneings?!***

  • #5

    minamoka (Tuesday, 02 July 2013 22:06)

    Anni, thank you! I know who to turn to now when it comes to drinks... I'm taking notes. I've heard of the Monkey 47 and the story behind it and I've seen it before in some stores here - a good tip for a special night! Happy you like my Dad's work - the summer events in the garden are wonderful, it's really a special place. They're open to everyone who is interested so if you're in Berlin on any of the dates you're very welcome to come! You'd love the place, I'm sure.

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    Judith (Wednesday, 03 July 2013 00:16)

    What a nice & special home bar! And I spot a Pastis carafe: you can't go wrong with a bottle of Pastis, Ricard... or better Henri Bardouin. Tchin!

  • #7

    Anni (Wednesday, 03 July 2013 11:23)

    Lena, thanks for your comments, I will for sure drop by if I ever am around at these special occasions. And let me know how your bar evolves!*** =)

  • #8

    tina @ colourliving (Wednesday, 03 July 2013 12:09)

    I LOVE what you've done and the tray is wonderful - compliments to your Dad!

    Your photography is stunning and although I don't drink alcohol I've always had a soft spot for mini-bars... in my time I've bought some great art deco ones for clients and past boyfriends.

    I'm behind with Mad Men:-(

    Great post x

  • #9

    minamoka (Wednesday, 03 July 2013 14:36)

    @Judith I still have to fill the vintage pastis bottle with pastis - right now it's just a prop which won't make you very drunk! Chin Chin!

    @Tina: Thank you for all your wonderful compliments - I'll pass it on to my Dad, too! There are non-alcoholic bitters in the small bottle, we can have those!

  • #10

    Monsterscircus (Thursday, 04 July 2013 16:53)

    This is amazing Lena!!! Totallly cool Mad Men style! Know I want one too - but I actually don't drink, I've got the "asian flush". But I love the colorful drinks they looks so delicious and I love the smell og an Irish coffee :-) happy hour at the bar and thank you for the wonderful DO IT :-)

  • #11

    Gudy Herder (Thursday, 04 July 2013 18:14)

    Happy this great series is back! It looks fantastic and I love your father's story. Nothing better than a good story, right? Concerning stocking up your bar, I show from time to time a silver tray with crystal bottles where I fill in different liquors. Just a way of avoiding the often unappealing regular bottles.

  • #12

    minamoka (Thursday, 04 July 2013 18:23)

    @Mette: Thank you! Well, doesn't matter, you can mix some nice drinks without alcohol, too. It's all about the display ;)

    @Gudy: I'm happy, too, that it's back - these posts just take so mch time that it's sometimes too much in everyday life and I want to make sure they look nice - the column is my little baby... Love your idea with the crystal bottles - and it's so your style!




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