tie dye hammock from koh phangan:


Friends, it's HOT in Berlin! And I'm slow... I can't get myself to go through, organize and edit my Thailand images, so I'll just show you another one of my souvenirs: A tie dyed cotton hammock from Koh Phangan, an island in the golf of Thailand where these kind of simple hammocks a handmade and sold in almost every little shop. And used, of course! The image below is from a beach on Koh Phangan that we went to a couple of times and where relaxed in the wheathered hammocks you could find there for everyone to use.


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It's a attempt to bring some of the laid back island flair back home with us.  We'll see if it works! I was actually surprised that I picked the tie dyed fabric because that's something I wouldn't have considered normally. But I guess it was part of the island nostalgia... 


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    tina @ (Sunday, 04 August 2013 08:48)

    I know exactly what you mean by tie dyed fabric. I'm glad though you did choose it as it's part of the island's spirit!

    I've always dreamt of having a hammock. It's not practical on a roof terrace so thank you for sharing here.

    It's been very hot here too, although has now slightly cooled off. Happy Sunday!

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    minamoka (Monday, 05 August 2013 10:37)

    We've had hammocks on our terrace, in the living room, in the kid's room... We're the hammock family, so this had to be! I hope you had a nice and "not so hot anymore" weekend!

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    Judith (Monday, 05 August 2013 17:41)

    Hahaha oh yes, the tie dyed fabric... remembers me of my "hippie phase" in high school ;) Although I have a nice woven hammock I don't use it very often. But maybe I should! I'm doing my best of growing a nice sturdy palm tree to attach it to, but for now our building will do. Have a nice week, Lena!

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    Nina (Tuesday, 06 August 2013 13:34)

    What a great souvenir! I want a hammock for our backyard too but we do not have anything to fasten it to and I really do not like the hammock stands they are selling.

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    minamoka (Tuesday, 06 August 2013 20:51)

    @Judith: Definitely, use your hammock! It can do miracles. There has to be a nice place for it in your huge house until the palm tree is big enough ;)
    @Nina: I know what you mean, those stands are not the real thing, and they don't look nice - I wouldn't use them, either. I guess you need to plant two trees!

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    Anni (Tuesday, 06 August 2013 23:30)

    Oh, Lena, I love that you brought back a hammock! It´s such a magical space if you get the right spot and angle. To me a hammock can be THE place for taking breaks (just wrote about this)...
    I really enjoyed your travel pics on instagram- it must have been amazing! will you share more of your trip?***

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    minamoka (Wednesday, 07 August 2013 11:53)

    I read your post about the right angle - I completely agree. I will share more of my trip soon!

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    Doris (Sunday, 11 August 2013 10:43)

    I love bringing back little treasures from my travels. It reminds me of good times. I can imagine that you will have many wonderful hours lazing on that hammock. I'm with you also on the tie dye, but it does represent that vibrancy of all the things you saw on your trip. Have a lovely weekend. xD

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    James S. Bowman (Saturday, 17 December 2016 15:20)

    Souvenirs are what I can't forget about! Every time I'm on my vacation, there are many people selling unique stuffs and I can hardly buy one! I love buying these little gifts and bring back to my family!

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    Kelvin Lee (Wednesday, 01 February 2017 15:20)

    I already hang my favorite hammock in our corridor. It’s really a good thing, Its really nice. Thanks for sharing




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