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I need to do some very boring paperwork these days. It's as due as it could be. The sun was shining all day yesterday. It was as summer as it could be. I could hear the people laugh and chat outside on the street while I went through my bills, receipts and letters.

So what did I do to procrastinate? No, I didn't allow myself to go outside and enjoy the sun. But playing around on pinterest a little is okay, isn't it? So I looked back at my stream of pins and did a little "pin reading" (I believe looking back at your recent pins - not your boards, but the stream of everything you pinned - often draws a pretty good picture of your current moods and cravings, I did another pin reading a while ago here). And the first thing that caught my eye was this random moodboard in my stream which made me smile because it is exactly the opposite of doing boring paperwork. It's screaming: Let's be imperfect! Let's play!


outfit via modaoperandi | kid's sweater via zara | maple syrup via luvocracy | sketchbook by Polina Karkova via Kickcan&Conkers

... and I'm here on pinterest.

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    mel (Wednesday, 07 August 2013 12:34)

    I love it Mena - so true! I've started to look at my pins lately to see if there is a true common theme but never thought to look at the mood. I don't envy you with the taxes. Now imagine having to do two? Yep that's me, and Australian and NZ one with different financial years, it gets rather complicated. Pinning is so more us don't you think? M x

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    minamoka (Wednesday, 07 August 2013 12:37)

    I agree, Mel - It's definitely so much more us. But they just don't get it!

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    Nina (Thursday, 08 August 2013 03:23)

    Damn this is a kids sweater...I would totally wear it, love the stripes and the elbow patches. Oh and of course I know how to waste time and procrastinate on Pinterest!

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    geraldine (Thursday, 08 August 2013 09:05)

    Love pinterest but must admit have been neglecting it a bit. You've got me in the mood to reexplore. Hope you managed to finally finish the boring paperwork and explore outdoors.




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