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One of my favourite places from our recent trip to New York City was Printed Matter. Stores like these are one of the reasons why I love big cities so much - where else can you find a place full of artist's publications from all over the world? 


Printed Matter is actually more than a store, it's an indendent non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists, founded in 1978. It has been located in different spaces in Manhattan before moving to the current storefront location in Chelsea on 195 Thenth Avenue. If you ever have the chance to go there it I highly recommend a visit. And bring some time with you...


printed matter NYC |
printed matter NYC |
printed matter NYC |

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    Doris (Thursday, 07 November 2013 11:33)

    Hi Lena, what a wonderful find. I could imagine myself spending a bit of $$$ there. This is going into the address book for my next visit. Thanks Doris

  • #2

    minamoka (Thursday, 07 November 2013 11:37)

    You'd love the place, I'm sure. I also liked the calm atmosphere in there, it's really a world of its own in hectic nyc.

  • #3

    tina @ colourliving (Friday, 08 November 2013 01:45)

    Love places like these. There is one in London. I always threaten to blog about it but have yet to do it... the owner is a bit eccentric, but that's a good thing:-)

  • #4

    minamoka (Friday, 08 November 2013 12:31)

    @Tina: "the owner is a bit eccentric" - I bet. You have to be to run a place like this. And I agree - it's a good thing!

  • #5

    geraldine@littlebigbell (Tuesday, 12 November 2013 19:45)

    I'm already tempted to browse. One for the address book like Doris. x

  • #6

    Chi @ 106 (Sunday, 17 November 2013 16:10)

    What a super idea for a shop! I do love niches. :D x

  • #7

    Judith (Sunday, 17 November 2013 20:29)

    Ohhh such a nice gem! It reminds me a bit of Konst-ig in Stockholm <3 Totally agree with the eccentricity of these (super rare!) kind of shop owners :D

  • #8

    Kreetta (Sunday, 17 November 2013 21:29)

    I'd love to visit there and I'd love to visit New York! Thanks for sharing Lena!

  • #9

    Mette (Wednesday, 20 November 2013 21:51)

    Wow that looks like a wonderful place filled with treasures! So many talented people's work, amazing. I actually thought that I saw some art money on the last photo, but it's interesting notebooks. Thanks for sharing Lena




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