Hey-ho. I'm still on board of this blog even though I didn't show up for a while. 2015 wasn't as empty as it might have seemed to a visitor of this little space of mine. In fact, it was packed and amazing and full of surprises. Wanna know a little more about it? 



It started snowy and white and with a tiny little secret.



It continued in a warm, sunny and very colourful place. And the best thing about it: I will be in the exact same place again in less than two weeks. 



My new year's resolution to find or make a pattern a day didn't last long. But as you can see for at least four days.



 I took many walks around my beautiful neighbourhood. And sometimes I even took a picture. Or two.



In the summer I explored the countryside around Berlin and not the world because my little secret had become a lot bigger and not so secret anymore.



Did I ever work in 2015? Yes I did. A lot. but I didn't take a single picture of it. Because taking pictures while you play is much more fun: 



Finally the big little secret moved in with us. Yayayay! We're 5 now which is a little crazy but very good. I'm still the only girl in the house which makes me the boss or at least the queen and definitely a very good man-maker! 



It was a good one, this Two Zero One Five. 





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