I am Lena. Writer, mother, big city lover. Vintage hunter, design lover, and lazy diy addict. Passionate eater, mediocre cook and horrible housewife. Avid traveler and adventurous explorer who'll get lost everywhere. 


Berlin is my home and my hometown, but I have also lived in the United States, Italy, Austria and Montenegro. 

I am a freelance screenwriter and script consultant with a family background of artists and designers.


MINA MOKA was born after a trip to another life in another world. After living in a small Balkan town for more than two years I felt it was time to have a place and space to share the more visual part of my life. My inspirations, little DIY projects and interesting spots off the beaten track.


The idea and story behind anything design related is what usually catches my attention and makes me happy - that can be a personal relation I have to it, it can be a smart and sustainable way to develop, produce or sell something. It can be the combination of contemporary and elegant design and traditional craftsmanship. Sometimes it is all of it.

I believe that a good idea can find its audience and be successful even in the smallest niche if the word is spread - and that's what I try to do. And if you're a little inspired along the way I'm more than happy!


I'm happy about everyone who stops by and comes along. Feel free to leave a comment or to send me a note if you feel like it. I'd love to hear from you!







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